Custom Song Shop was founded by 2 brothers and a friend, based in Nashville, Tn. All three being musicians and songwriters, the goal was to create the best custom song service on the planet and for a competitive price, while also providing songwriters with a worth-while opportunity to make a living, using their unique and valuable talents. Collectively, the 3 founders have worn many hats within the music industry- from being a band member, writing and touring to studio musician, mixing and producing. We know what it takes to craft a special song and we know how to put a team together and create sonic bliss!


We wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition by being exclusively Nashville based and by working with professional songwriters and artists within the Nashville music community. We are an experienced team of creatives with a variety of industry successes and accolades to our names. Our team of artists are hand-selected and vetted by the founders so you can trust you are getting the best and most qualified to work on your custom song!



Thank you for trusting www.customsongshop.com with YOUR story!


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(Andy, Brock and Scott)


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