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Top 15 Most Popular K-Pop Songs in 2023

The global phenomenon of K-pop continues to mesmerize music enthusiasts worldwide, and 2023 has been no exception. The year has brought forth a vibrant assortment of K-pop hits that have dominated charts, captivated hearts, and left an indelible mark on the industry. Let's take an immersive journey into the top 15 most popular K-songs of 2023, celebrating the diversity and innovation that define this cultural phenomenon.


JISOO's "FLOWER" blooms as an exquisite showcase of her journey as a solo artist. This empowering anthem weaves evocative lyrics with an uplifting melody, giving listeners a glimpse into JISOO's artistic evolution. With her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence, JISOO's "FLOWER" stands as a testament to her unwavering artistry.

2. Pink Venom - BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK makes an electrifying comeback with "Pink Venom," a song that pulsates with fierce beats and unapologetic energy. This track not only reaffirms BLACKPINK's position as global icons but also immerses audiences in a whirlwind of empowerment and musical brilliance.

3. Queencard - (G)I-DLE

In "Queencard," (G)I-DLE continues to redefine K-pop norms with their unique sound and powerful performances. This anthem celebrates self-confidence and authenticity, inviting listeners to embrace their individuality while grooving to the group's trademark innovation.

4. OMG - NewJeans

The infectious energy of NewJeans' "OMG" is impossible to ignore. With catchy hooks and an irresistible rhythm, the song has become a dancefloor staple. NewJeans' boundless charisma and musical ingenuity shine through in this high-energy track.

5. Shoong! - TAEYOUNG, Lisa of BLAKPINK

TAEYOUNG and Lisa join forces in "Shoong!" – a dynamic collaboration that fuses TAEYOUNG's charismatic flair with Lisa's unmatched presence. This track is an embodiment of their individuality, creating a harmonious blend that leaves listeners craving for more.

6. Sugar Rush Ride - TOMORROW X TOGETHER

TOMORROW X TOGETHER invites fans on a "Sugar Rush Ride" characterized by youthful exuberance and captivating visuals. This catchy track encapsulates the essence of youthful joy, offering an exhilarating escape into TOMORROW X TOGETHER's world of music.

7. One Last Night - B. Martha

B. Martha's soul-stirring "One Last Night" is a masterclass in emotional balladry. With heartrending lyrics and soulful vocals, the song delves into themes of longing and bittersweet farewells, leaving a lasting impression on hearts and playlists alike.

8. 1AM - IVE

IVE's "1AM" infuses the K-pop scene with a refreshing blend of pop and electronic elements. The track's dynamic soundscapes and captivating choreography solidify IVE's position as one of the breakout acts of the year, promising a bright future ahead.

9. VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS) - TAEYANG, Jimin

The collaboration between TAEYANG and BTS's Jimin in "VIBE" is a musical fusion that transcends boundaries. TAEYANG's smooth vocals intertwine seamlessly with Jimin's charismatic flair, resulting in a song that resonates deeply with listeners.

10. Cupid - FIFTY FIFTY

FIFTY FIFTY's "Cupid" offers a delightful and catchy tune that showcases the group's charm. With its lighthearted lyrics and infectious melody, the song invites listeners to revel in the joy of newfound connections.


TREASURE brings the house down with "BONA BONA," a high-energy track that sets the stage ablaze. With electrifying beats and powerful vocals, the song showcases TREASURE's prowess as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop landscape.

12. Super - SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN's "Super" lives up to its name with dynamic soundscapes and a power-packed performance. The song's compelling choreography and anthemic chorus affirm SEVENTEEN's status as one of K-pop's reigning boy bands.

13. Spicy - aespa

"aospa" brings the heat with "Spicy," infusing the K-pop landscape with energy and attitude. The song's bold sound and captivating vocals mark aospa's ascent to the forefront of the industry.

14. Set Me Free Pt.2 - E Jimin

E Jimin's "Set Me Free Pt.2" leaves a profound impact with its soul-stirring vocals and poignant lyrics. The track's emotional resonance lingers long after the music fades, offering solace and introspection.

15. Нуре Boy - NewJeans

NewJeans returns with "Нуре Boy," showcasing their musical versatility once again. This track underscores NewJeans' ability to effortlessly navigate diverse styles while leaving an imprint on listeners' hearts.


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