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Custom Song Shop co-founder- Scotty D

Scott Davis, affectionately called "Scotty D”, was born and raised in Tulsa, Ok but was called to a life of music and in 1998 and moved to Nashville after making 12 trips, over the course of 2 years, trying to land a publishing deal- which he finally did do, allowing him to justify the move.

With an impressive career as a songwriter and producer, Davis created a name for himself in the music industry and after several decades of success, he semi-retired from writing full time in 2018 to help take care of his parents, after his father got diagnosed with Dementia.

Around 2011, Davis got into real estate investing and began researching everything related to the topic. He began by managing his own properties and ended up becoming a licensed Realtor and is currently an active agent. Beyond his accomplishments in the music world, Davis is also an Amazon best-selling author on the subject of Cryptocurrencies, showcasing his dedication to helping others expand their knowledge in the digital landscape.

A Musical Journey: Scotty D's Songwriting

Scott Davis' love for songwriting began at an early age (13), and he diligently honed his craft over the years. His dedication and passion for music have earned him great success, including writing the coveted "Song Of The Year" twice, once for ASCAP and once for BMI. With over 20 radio singles, multiple number 1 radio hits, and six publishing deals spanning over two decades, Scotty D's musical journey is nothing short of impressive.

A Publishing Company: "Life Of Rhyme"

Scott Davis' contribution to the music industry extends beyond his personal success. He founded his own publishing company, "Life Of Rhyme," which thrived for over 18 years. Under his guidance, the company has made its mark in multiple genres, including bluegrass, country, Christian, and film/TV placements. His ability to succeed in diverse musical genres reflects his versatility as a songwriter and producer.

All In The Family: Brofessionals

Scott had his younger brother and "brotege", Andy Davis follow him to town. Scott says by the time Andy was 16 or 17, he was already a better guitar player than himself! After Andy graduated high school, he headed to TN and moved in with his big bro and sister-in-law, while he got his musical career going. Andy has played guitar, bass and keyboards all over the world on on countless tv shows for a long list of artists ranging from Jeremy Camp to The Band Perry

Andy is also an accomplished songwriter, poetically having his first radio single by Jessie Daniels- a song called "Everyday", be produced by his big brother (who he also co-wrote the song with) and reaching all the way to #2 on the charts. Since then, the brothers have worked together on many projects and have created a large catalog of music together over the years as both bro-writers and bro-ducers!

Introducing Custom Song Shop: Personalized songs

Adding another feather to his cap, Scott recently launched "Custom Song Shop, LLC." a unique Nashville-based, music company that crafts personalized songs for various occasions with his brother, Andy and their close friend and fellow musician, Brock Douglas. This venture allows Scott to use his songwriting skills to create custom works of heart that touch lives and make moments unforgettable.

Celebrate Life's Special Moments: Custom Songs for All

Custom Song Shop is not just a gifting platform; it's about celebrating life's milestones with the magic of music. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or a heartfelt gift to express love, Scotty D and his team of talented Nashville-based songwriters craft custom songs that resonate deeply with the recipients. Custom songs are in demand and this is a great time for a made-to-order custom song business to come along.

Unleash the Power of Music: 

If you're looking to add a touch of musical magic to your special moments or give the gift of a personalized song, Custom Song Shop is the perfect destination. Head over to and explore the possibilities of creating a custom-made song with the expertise of Scotty D and his talented team of Nashville songwriters. Unleash the power of music and make your moments even more memorable with Custom Song Shop!


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Written by Scotty Davis

Award-winning songwriter, producer and co-founder of Custom Song Shop

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